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...Oops, I'm super behind again!

Well, as far as updates go, I'm on the back end of them. Let's see if I can get all caught up in one go, right?


The River Siren: And Other Stories from the Sea Shore is available in print now on Amazon, and will be available on Kindle on September 9, 2019. Click HERE to see more about these stories!

Wish Upon an Elf: A Charming Collection of Short Stories has three short stories from Cinderella's POV...mostly from before she met the prince. Don't tell anyone, but the first story in that collection "might" be a prequel to a book I have planned, but, shhhh, that's still under wraps right now.


I'm super excited to be going to Penned Con in St. Louis and to KaLiCon in Belleville, Ontario in the next few months. Make sure to take a look at the new event slider for more information and links on how to get tickets to those events!

Thirdly...Work(s) in Progress!

Sigh...well, if I could focus on ONE work in progress at a time, I think I'd be moving smoother, but I can't, and I don't, so we're moving, just slowly.

Currently I'm working on three projects:

1. The Foresworn King: this will be the first book of a trilogy that brings Rumpelstiltskin into the light...or the shadows, it's all a matter of perspective.

2. The Snake Charmer's Song: I don't know if you remember Jaias and Eskild, but they're two characters close to my heart, and I love where their story takes them!

3. "Untitled Djinn Project:" Remember that "shhhh" up above...yeah, well, that's project number three. What I can tell the chronology of the NeverLands, it takes place after So Sweet but before The Foresworn King.

Oh, and I'm working on creating a timeline and character profiles for the millions of strange characters I've got brewing in my head!

So...yeah...that's pretty much it. I'll try to get on here and post an update soon but until then...dream on, my friends!


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