Penned Brain

I swear, it's a thing...

Having finally attended my very first Penned Con in St. Louis, and returned home from the same, I can now accurately describe and subscribe to having: Penned Brain.

For clarification, Penned Brain is the condition of one who returns from Penned Con and cannot remember any or all of the following aspects of their life: their name, where they live, what they do, who they are, why they are, or any number of questions concerning the self whose answers have seemingly disappeared into the miasma of big conventions.

A Huge Thank You to Rick Miles for this Awesome Piece of memorabilia from the Convention and to Karen Loomis who ran around getting the signatures of all the authors on it for me!

This is not a bad thing. It means that Penned Con was so consuming that I got totally caught up in the adventure and haven't quite figured out how to come down from it yet. It was, in a word: EPIC!