Author Interview: Deborah Garland

Have you met Deborah Garland yet!?!!?

Well, you're about to, and you are in for a really big treat!!!

This lady was a new-to-me author until I was lucky enough to get drafted into an anthology project with her. Smart, witty, full of imagination and enthusiasm, Deborah is just an all around awesome lady and I am so very grateful to have gotten to meet her and work with her.

She's another one of my awesome authors part of "Sinners & Saints - a Collection of Romantic Interludes" (you can get your copy HERE). It's coming in January 2021, so make sure to grab your copy ASAP!

But until that then, let me give you another author to enchant you with her stories of billionaire playboys and badboys and book-boy-friends that you're not gonna be able to put down!