Author Interview: Kali Willows

There are some people who you meet and just know that they're going to be super important to you.

That's the case with this next author and her interview.

I met her when I super-imposed myself into an anthology that she was part of. I had no idea what I was doing, was flying by the seat of my pants the entire time, and pretty much just little-kidded everyone (sitting on my butt staring up at that open-mouthed from the really).

This author was amazing. She was encouraging, SOOO extraordinarily helpful, was always there when you needed her, even just to send an internet hug to boost your spirits.

She is an absolute treasure and I cannot say how much I love her and her works and what an honor it is to have been able to work with her in two anthologies so far, please help me welcome:

Kali Willows