Author Interview: Maria Vermisoglou

Sometimes, you get really lucky in finding a new author to read and admire. That's the case today. "Writing The Cursed Girl was like magic," might be the favorite quote I've ever gotten from an author before, because writing and reading are a type of magic all on their own. Please help me in welcoming this new, magical writer to your hearts:

Maria Vermisoglou

Why did you first start writing? What was the inspiration for your first book?

I started writing 4 years ago. I always have a story in my mind. When I finish a book I like, I take a part of the story and make my own story but always in my mind. Until that day. I had finished The City of Heavenly Fire and I was thinking, what if Clary was a witch? That’s how Eva was born. For an unknown reason though, I knew she had to be called Eva. Writing The Cursed Girl was like magic. I knew what I had to write before I knew it. Does this make sense? Well, it’s true 😉