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A Writer's Bookshelf: The Describer's Dictionary by David Grambs

SO, when the title of the book has an addition of "A Treasury of Terms & Literary Quotations," I feel like there's pretty much enough said right off the bat there. If not, basically what we're lookin' at here is a good ole fashion dictionary...for writers.

Oh come on, all dictionaries are for writers.

Yes, they are, but this is the describer's dictionary. Not only are you going to find the word (or words) you're looking for, but examples of ways those words and descriptions have been used in other literary ventures.

Seriously, just read the book blurb on Amazon! THIS BOOK

IS KILLER! And no, that's not an example of one of the descriptions within the pages. I find that there are times when I'm just plain old stuck. I've got a rusty, POS, car that means the world to me, but no way to describe why, a word that embodies everything I feel about that car and why it is important, but there's a place I can go for an answer, or at least help in getting there.

This is a great resource to keep on hand. Actually, you're going to note as I keep writing these blogs that there are a ton of dictionaries out there that are super helpful and handy. Trust me, you can never have enough dictionaries on your shelf, so here's a good one to start of your list with!

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