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Writing Resources: Be More Successful with Marketing and AdvertiZING by Pamela Ackerson

Well, it might just be me, but I HATE advertising and marketing and everything else that goes bump in the, seriously, I put marketing right up there with crazy killer clowns and those super nasty stink-soldier-hard-shell-crunchy-gross bugs that are currently infesting my home...

But I digress.

October 2, I can hate marketing and advertising a little bit less because of a new book specifically designed to help authors market themselves.

I know, I know, there are a ton out there, and there are, but having worked with some members of the group of people who are helping to publish this book, and knowing how they work in terms of marketing and advertising and all that other fun jazz...yeah, I'm excited and a little bit relieved to be getting "Be More Successful with Marketing and AdvertiZING” by Pamela Ackerson.

Anything that can help, and authors helping authors is always key!

Take a look at this awesome blog interview with Owl and Pussycat Promotions for more info on this new release!

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