Writing Resources: The Owl Branch Book Promotions & Southern Owl Publications

I am so very honored and excited to be able to talk to you about the Owl Branch Book Promotions and Southern Owl Publications. This is a company that I was lucky enough to fall across, and definitely deserves all the praise I can give them.

If you’re anything like me, book marketing and promoting is a terrifying endeavor. What’s your platform? What’s a platform? Do you have social media? Are you posting everyday? When do you have time to write if you’re always trying to figure out ways to market?!?!?

This is how, or when, if you will. Crystal Miles Gauthier is the owner and founder of Owl Branch Book Promotions. She has been doing this for years all out of a love of helping other authors make their mark on the literary world. A fellow author of mine, Darlene Kuncytes, introduced me to Crystal’s business a couple of months ago and boy am I glad she did. The TOB has taken my promotional opportunities to a new level, and their goal of customer/client satisfaction is off the charts. Within days of asking for some information from them, I was getting emails and offers and ways that they could help, above and beyond what I ever thought was possible. That’s the key with the TOB. They know we all have expectations, and they seek to, not only surpass, but whatever word goes beyond that! They’re a family, and once you join them, you’re part of that family too.