Serial: What's in a name?

Yo Ho

Screw Jafar...

Let's talk about Hook!

So, we’ve talked about name meanings, choosing the right name for the right character and how that influences our perceptions of said characters, now let’s talk about foreshadowing, because, let’s be honest here, you hear a story about a Captain Hook, you don’t expect to see a privateer with two working hands and no hook in sight.

But it’s not just in the name itself, but in the way it’s said. We know our villains by the way they’re introduced. “Hullo mate. How are you? My name’s Hook. A pleasure.” Please don’t hate me for that horrible attempt at a written accent. I know it’s horrible, no need for comments. But there is nothing threatening about the above statement. You hear about a bloke in a back alley named Hook, or whispers in a saloon about a man with one hand who lost the other in a sword fight, you’re going to take a step back, probably look on from a good ten or twenty feet away lest you meet the business end of his stump-or what’s replaced it.