It occurred to me that I never thought about why I hated Cinderella so much when I was growing up. In part I'm sure it comes from being an oldest child and the one most often looked to to clean up this and dust that and sweep here and there was a mouse once in the basement but he was dead so not quite like the movie version of the same. But as I reflect, because why not, I realized that the reason I disliked Cinderella so much was that the villain was so Blah...

I had to look up the stepmother's name, again. I looked it up months ago and still couldn't remember it. Do you?

But my point is this, Lady Tremaine and her daughters were just there. They weren't really nefarious. They were acting in their own best interests, stepping on the little guy, doing their thing. It's a very human quality. Sure, I'll give you that it's not a GOOD human quality, but we're always talking about ambition, and the evil stepmother and sisters certainly had that. Even the duke rocks it out in the movies. Wars are started over it and rulers rule because of it, so why is the stepfamily evil?

Well, it all comes down to the winner and the loser. And no one