The Great and Terrible Summertime Slump

It's happened, I hit the wall. Thankfully that's figuratively, but still, the roll has stopped, the pen is out of ink, there's no paper in the printer, my notebook is full. Well, the last one is actually "my notebook is empty," because if it were full, there wouldn't be any problems.

The muse was there, and then she left, but The Captain is so close to being done and here's hoping that Kit and Ella will move it along already.

It wouldn't be so bad, but the editing is really what's kicking my butt right now. A strange thing happens when you sit back down at the screen and say, "Oh, Hey, I should revise this"...everything stops. It suddenly becomes very important that you go to that Medieval Faire that your friend's friend's cousin's aunt told him-her-you about (for research purposes, obviously). And you just HAVE to take that impromptu trip to wherever because you need to pick up God only knows what why when and how.

Editing is a bitch. I think that's the main reason for excuse after excuse of what you have to do that is more important than what you're supposed to be doing. It's not so much the actually having a deadline, because deadlines can be really helpful, but rather the "killing your darlings" thing. For instance, I have Captain open in a screen right behind my internet browser. I can see the stupid WORD dialogue box with its stupid flashing cursor for "type here" just out of my periphery. And yet I know that the moment I open that document, Ella's not going to kiss Kit anymore and someone is going to get run through and...spoilers? Just kidding. I can be creative and make stuff up here where it doesn't count but not where it does.

To be fair, I've changed a lot so far. And yes, I know t