Serial: What's in a name?

Malevolent, Maleficence, Magnificent

You didn’t think the name discussion was over, did you? So many villains, so little time.

Maleficent, as opposed to Ursula, is a brilliant choice for a villain's name. In Latin, the name literally means “causing or capable of producing evil or mischief; harmful.” There is no happy-go-Mickey meaning to it. Even if we break it down into roots and suffixes and so forth, the word “mal” means evil. Don’t know what “ficent” means? Don’t want to look it up? No problems (and me either). Magnificent. I write the word for the reason that, if we just know that “mal” means bad, and combine that with magnificent, the villain’s name would mean “a sublime evil.”

Yeah, Disney got it right this time.