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I know this is going to sound "gushy," but I'm so glad you took a moment to join me here. I hope you're intrigued, I hope you're excited, I hope you were looking for a little twist to those fairy tales we know and love, and I hope I've provided that twist for you.

I figured I'd start with the story I love the least. Blond haired, goody goody, poor little orphan meets and marries the dashing prince and everything is hunky dory.

See, my obsession with fairy tales is nothing new. Every time a cute little someone meets an equally handsome, dashing, charming someone else, I can't help but feel a flutter in my middle. Or it's indigestion, but that's beside the point.

The whole happy ever after isn't realistic. A man doesn't fall in love with a woman within a day, at least not the type of love that lasts lifetimes. Life takes struggle and error and sorrow to be meaningful and impactful, and Disney only has two, three hours tops, to do the whole story justice. So I thought I'd help out and explain the "what else" to those narratives.