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Lost Boys

Marius D'Corre (Captain Redlord)


Marius D'Corre...General of the Spinician Army, Confidant and Companion of the Crown Prince, and Captain of the Pirate Ship THE LOST BOY.

To be fair, he didn't start out a pirate. He never expected to be a general. And if he'd had his choice, "companion" would have been changed to "beloved," but he always knew his prince didn't feel the same way about him as Marius did for Christophe.

In truth, Marius always knew that he would never be Prince Kit's choice of a lover. He'd resigned himself to that fate. Even resigned himself to knowing who his prince would choose instead of him, despite her being an elf.

When the choice came between Marius sacrificing himself so that Kit could escape, or Ella making the sacrifice, it wasn't really a choice at all.

He didn't expect to be captured or kept alive.

And he never expected that the path of honor he'd always trod would end him on the deck of a ship calling out the command: "Ready to board!"

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Lost Boys

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Red forced his eyes to blink open. He feigned disinterest, kept his hand loose upon his knee, his stump hidden in his lap behind his raised leg and slouched position. Marius made a show of letting his gaze run over the man he hated above all others in the world. His lip twitched in disgust as he let his stare linger over the pouch that had developed at the older man’s waist. “You got fat.”


character profile

Full Name:

Marius D'Corre (Captain Redlord)


Mari, Red




General/Pirate Captain





Eye Color:


Hair Color:

Ligh brown, dirty blond.

Dragon Scale Color:



Burly, when he was a soldier; after his "capture," he has lost much of his bulk, more of a wraith-like physique.


Fallan D'Corre and Marta Lithanu


Tolthe Pierisos



Fave. Pastime:

Standing behind the wheel of his ship, sailing into the unknown.

Other Facts:

He was lost for a long time, until he found his new home with Toma.

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