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The Writings of Faith Alexander

Previously "Faith Reinhart"

Erotic Romance Author


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Andi Lawrnecovna writing as 

Faith Alexander (pka: Faith Reinhart)


In the Courtroom, he rules. As far as defense attorneys go, Logan Reese is at the top of his game, and everyone wants to have him on their side.

In the bedroom, well, that's another story entirely, especially when he asks his coworker out for drinks and dancing, and ends up biting off more than he can handle. 

Or maybe it's exactly what he can handle, and he's just always needed to let someone else take the reins. 

And once Sasha takes control, she doesn't let go...

Faith's Website is currently under construction but will be available soon!


Faith Alexander is the Romance alter-ego of Fantasy Author Andi Lawrencovna.

Or, more accurately, Andi is "Faith's" alter-ego.  

Faith lives outside of Cleveland, Ohio, in a sleepy little suburb that boasts a couple of parks and an overzealous police department. The lawyers stick to their law offices, and she sticks to her tiny little writer’s garret. Eighth grade changed her life, mainly because she stole one of her mother’s books, and wouldn’t you know it? It was a romance novel. Steamy, for a thirteen-year-old, but

"thankfully" not too steamy...probably. She’s been writing ever since.


Now, she still reads romance novels, in her sleepy little town, though she doesn’t steal them anymore. More often than not, she writes her own hunky heroes with penchants for saying “Please,” but what her mother doesn’t know can’t hurt her.

Faith is published with Siren Publishing, a branch of Siren-Bookstrand, Inc. 

You can find her books listed on or at

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