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Monthly Post of Good Will

Good, bad or ugly, we all meet for a reason. I hope I'm a good reason for you, and if I'm not, I'm sorry, but also, I'm not. It took meeting someone myself to learn that lesson. I cannot be your reason for being a blessing or a lesson. However you take me, is how you take me. I can hope to be a good blessing in your life, but, as I've met those who are not blessings in mine, I will stand tall either way. The people around us will always influence our choices and our decisions and more. We can do nothing but weather the storms and stand against them. Blessings mean we do not always stand alone. Lessons teach us that getting back up and holding are ground are not negatives in our lives, but the things we have to fight to keep for ourselves.

I wish only blessings upon you, and I hope you have a wonderful month!

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