I have a small addiction to scrolling through posts on Facebook. Ninety-Nine percent of the time, when I'm bored, I just hit the app on my phone and start scrolling. I don't really read what friends post on my timeline about themselves...I'm not saying I don't read them, but I usually read them and read-on. I have a bad tendency to stop on the click-it posts that the Facebook algorithms have deemed me most likely to stop on, and, yeah, they're right, sue me! (But not really, so, don't sue me, please.)

Anyways, I was scrolling, as is my wont, and came across a post from a friend titled: #DoGoodRecklessly. It was a post with a bunch of screenshots of people telling stories about the times that they'd helped or been helped by another person.

Today's world is practically bred on cynicism.

Does she really need help? I bet it's a scam. He's just gonna use that money to buy drugs!