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A Writer's Bookshelf: The Resurrectionist, by E. B. Hudspeth

Every writer needs to develop a catalog of not only the books they've written, but the books they've read and the books they reference!

So, I figured I'd start sharing my list of some of those books that have helped me out over the years.

This will be an ongoing serial and if anyone has one to add to the list, PLEASE pass it along. The best part about writing is reading, and we all need more books in our lives!

As a fantasy author, I probably reference more books than most, from science sources to non-fiction and manuals on how to create alternate worlds.

I've even read a few books about the anatomical structure of the mythical and mundane...

A fiction book in itself, author and artist, E. B. Hudspeth, has created a "manual" of the bizarre. His book, The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black, is an amazing blend of dark fantasy and Grey's Anatomy (the book, not the TV show)!

Yes, that's right, there are amazing detailed anatomical drawings at the end of the book in what Mr. Hudspeth has titled: The Codex Extinct Animalia.

Essentially, you're getting two books for the price of one here, but why do I call it a resource material?

You missed the part about anatomical drawings of mermaids, dragons, Pegasus(es/i? I don't actually know what the plural is for that...). It's AMAZING! The creative expression in this book is worth a look for that alone, but, for those who've ever sat at a keyboard wondering where the hell a harpy's wings would relate to the traditional skeletal system of a human being, I've finally gotten an answer to you.

(I would have attached a picture, but...spoilers...)

If you have a chance or a burning desire to know the anatomical makeup of mythical creatures or are looking for a frame of reference for your own writing, you cannot go wrong with looking at a copy of The Resurrectionist. It is my first recommendation for any bookshelf, and still one of my favorite finds EVER!

(And as an added bonus, if you bring out this puppy in any venue, people are guaranteed to look at it with envy, awe, and a bit of fascinated skepticism. Worth it!)


E.B. Hudspeth's Website:

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