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Did I forget to mention...IT'S HERE!

Stop the presses! Or start them...I don't know what the phrase is, but do whatever you do to the presses because IT'S HERE!

Stoking the Flames, 13 Tales of Dragons, Destiny, & Desire is finally out on Amazon and all other retailers too!

I'm so excited and lucky to have been part of this AMAZING project with these 12 other AMAZING authors! (I promise, I don't use this much capitalization unless it's worth it, and IT IS!!!!)

My story is: A Dragon's Sacrifice, the tale of an elf who meets a dragon and sacrifices herself to save his Oh come on, of course there's a twist! There has to be!

Go on, check out this amazing anthology. It's only $0.99 and is only available for a limited amount of time!

Get your copy before they're all gone! (I hear the dragons keep flying off the shelves!)

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