Artist Interview: Laura Gordon, The Book Cover Machine

So it occurred to me that my last blog post about covers wasn’t enough. I couldn’t just say: “Hey, check out this site, it’s awesome.” More was needed to explain why I love this designer and her policies and keep going back when I’m looking for something new for my books.

Laura Gordon, of The Book Cover Machine, was a happy accident. Finding her, I mean. After grueling hour-s searching online for a book cover artist who met my desired aesthetic, and price range, I finally stumbled upon Laura’s site. If you’ve looked on the first screen, you’ll note that her covers are bold, they’re colorful, they combine both a gorgeous image with an emphasis on the title and the author. And, if the initial impression wasn’t enough, then I emailed her, repeatedly, and she responded, quickly, to all of my inquiries, all of my hemming and hawing, and was so happy to work with me that I signed up then and there. It’s a business, yes, but working with Laura is like working with a friend; she’s as invested in her covers as you the author, and reader, are.

So, two covers in, loving her work, I decided that I would impinge once more upon her good humor and ask if she would do a short interview with me. She said yes, which I’m so happy to now get a chance to share with you.