Fun Facts: Writing Groups

A good friend of mine recently began a dialogue about what it takes and means to self-publish. His most recent article topic has been about forming a network of writers to work with. I cannot stress how important this is and how glad I am that Doug has taken the time to talk a little about it here.

Hopefully he won’t be angry that I’ve decided to add a bit to his conversation, specifically about writer’s groups and communities.

When Looking for a Writers Group:

You would be surprised about how difficult it really is to find a good writers group to join. It’s easy to fall into a group that plays mommy to you. And that’s a harsh critique. What it means is a group that says: “That was great!” without giving you any helpful feedback on your prose or poetry. It feels good to hear someone say that about your story or writing. That floaty feeling in your stomach for a job well done, yeah, everyone likes that feeling. But that’s not what a writers group is for.