Author Interview: Doug Farren

I am so lucky to have stumbled onto a great Writing Group in my area. I think, at least for me, one of the reasons I’ve had the courage to write what I do, is because I have a group that has encouraged me along the road. The greatest advice I have, is to find a group of writers out there who want to work, want to offer their opinions, and want to get better.

I met Doug at this writers group.

The first thing I remember thinking about him was that, damnit, the man was a machine! He cranked out a manuscript within three months and was onto the next one before I blinked. Even now, I sit here open mouthed remembering it. It wasn’t jealousy that I was feeling towards him, but I’ll give you it was probably envy. Here was a man who had a successful daytime career, and a hugely successful self-publishing career, and I wanted to know how to be him ASAP!

So I begged and pleaded and if I didn’t get down on my knees, it was only because he took pity on me and agreed to do a brief interview to “help out a friend.” And what a friend Doug has been. From mentoring me through the self-publishing mayhem, to offering helpful advice and critiques on my manuscripts, Doug does it all. Moreover, he’s always willing to talk to