Character Profile

  • Full Name:  Onónion häs Orfanan

  • Nickname(s): Onón

  • Main Series/Book: So Sweet

  • Species: Elf-Dragon

  • Occupation: Sorcerer

  • Date of Birth: 9/27/4,352 RE

  • Height: 6'5"

  • Eye Color: Cornflower blue

  • Hair Color: Gold

  • Build: Slim, Warrior physique 

  • Parent(s): Haldin häs Orfanan and Clahoras

  • Spouse: n/a

  • Children: Naevys häs Orfanan dua Rochiselisa

  • Fave Pastime: Chaos

  • Other Facts: Seen as the weakling of his family but was cunning and ambitious


Considered the weakest of his brothers, he spent his life struggling to prove his worth and earn his father’s respect.


He became the most cunning, the most observant, the one who was most worthy of recognition - denied time and again.


Nothing he did was enough, until doing anything at all served only to diminish him among his brothers, considered one of them  only because he stood beside them and never raised a hand against.


No more.


His time was not coming...


It was Here.

so sweet take four.jpg

Look for me In...

The Dragon's Surrender (coming soon)

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