Character Profile

  • Full Name:  Lorul Shrukabra

  • Nickname(s): Lor, Rumpelstiltskin

  • Main Series/Book: The Foresworn King

  • Species: Goblin

  • Occupation: Former King, Sorcerer 

  • Date of Birth: 8/3/11,353 RE

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Eye Color: 

  • Hair Color: 

  • Build: 

  • Parent(s): Gniovan and Gnamrygs Shrukabra

  • Spouse/Significant Other: Ianai Baoearl and Swain de L'Avigne

  • Children: Iarial Baoearl (Shrukabra); Stellan and Cazla Shrukabra Rio't

  • Fave Pastime: Reading

  • Other Facts: He has no natural magic of his own


He was the second son of a king, destined to be the spare that was sacrificed to save his brother’s life...But he was too late to the task, and never forgiven for it.


Despised by his family, ignored by his people, he spent his life trying to earn their respect.


Late Again.


The Truth of his father’s rule, his family’s rule is no longer cast in shadow. The Truth of his Deal, made with a demon is forced to the light.


All he has worked to save will be lost, Unless...

Foresworn King.jpg

Look for me In...

Maledictum (coming soon)

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