Character Profile

  • Full Name: Jaias Aveldene

  • Nickname(s): 

  • Main Series/Book: The Snake Charmer's Song

  • Species: Echidna

  • Occupation: Thief

  • Date of Birth: 

  • Height: 5'2"

  • Eye Color: Brown except when pressed with emotions, they turn bright orange with vertical pupils.

  • Hair Color: Brown

  • Build: Slim, boyish frame.

  • Parent(s): Selish

  • Spouse/Significant Other: Eskild le Fontaine

  • Children: 

  • Fave Pastime: Robbing the rich to give to the poor

  • Other Facts: She was exiled from her homeland as a child for stealing water to save her mother.


She was born to be the bride of the prince, sworn at her birth to his family as the next in line to propagate the royal lineage. 

Until her betrothed died, and the son born in his place was not the son she was meant to wed.


Except this one she loved, no matter what her family and their people said about the prince born too late to be king. 


She watched from the sidelines as the world passed her by, and she waited for her prince to take her hand and sweep her off her feet. 


But the only sweeping he was allowed was away, and no one listened when she said he was worth all of their respect...and what if she was wrong...?  

Snake Charmers Song.jpg

Look for me In...

A Thief in the Night

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