Character Profile

  • Full Name:  Ella de L'Avigne

  • Nickname(s): Eli, Elichisolos, Iisforsos, Die Aren, El

  • Main Series/Book: Charming

  • Species: Elf

  • Occupation: Former Assassin, Queen

  • Date of Birth: 11/17/10,333 RE

  • Height: 5'11"

  • Eye Color: Green to Star-kissed Black

  • Hair Color: Auburn to Midnight

  • Build: Willowy, Athletic

  • Parent(s): Lianstofos (Priestosolos) - mother

  • Spouse: Christophe (Kit) de L'Avigne

  • Children: Selwyn, Swain, Stephan

  • Fave Pastime: Sword fighting

  • Other Facts: Strongest ranking sorceress of her time; Worships the Dark


Born a Daughter of the Woods, an Elf of the Dienobo, she was given no name by her family. Outcast, different, she became a warrior of her people, an assassin - an Assassin Queen. Destiny had more planned for her than a simple knife wielded at night could entail. When she journeyed into the human world to kill the Prince, she could not have known what was to become of her, or the man she found she could not look away from. 

Elichicolos, she was called, a title more than a name. 

Ella, he whispered, giving her an identity beyond that which her people professed. 

Through cinders and ashes, balls and battles, she was born. 

There are no scullery maids here...


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The Complete Crown & Daggers Series


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